Bakers and Eaters of Cookies…

Apologies to all the folks waiting for Mrs. Munchies late night deliveries to come back! We’ll be on hiatus while we search for entrepreneurial bakers interested in baking cookies and setting up shops for themselves. Hopefully, we’ll find people eager to make cookies for you soon, and if you have the experience and energy to bake and/or run a delivery service, we especially want to talk to you.

If this is you, don’t hesitate to contact us:

During the audition process, we will be dropping cookies at various times and locations and we’ll rely on you to tell us which bakers you liked the best. If you’re in the Berkeley area and would like to be notified when and where our next cookie drop will be, send us an email. We promise not to send you non-cookie-related mail.

Whether you’re a cookie baker or a cookie eater, it’s the same address:

Order a T-shirt

Order a T-shirt